Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Egypt 2-2-2011

2, February 2011       EGYPT

The widespread anti-government protests across Egypt calling for an end to the repressive, dictatorial polices of President Hosni Mubarak exposes the failed polices of our own government. We have acquiesced in Egypt’s sham elections and subverted democracy for the past 30 years. We have propped up Mubarak with billions of dollars of aid money which was used to purchase weapons such as tear gas bombs, helicopters M1 tanks, missiles and F16 fighter planes built by U.S. Defense contractors.

The equivocation of the Obama administration on failing to declare Mubarak a dictator is disgraceful.

Nobel laureate Mohamed ElBaradei has put Western leaders on notice. “If Western leaders, who have backed the dictator Mubarak for 30 years, cannot stand before the Egyptian people today and say unequivocally, "we support your right of national self-determination," when can they do it?

It is time for the Obama administration to call an immediate halt to shipping weapons of repression to brutal regimes whose only purpose is clutch onto power. Sadly, this current crisis is another dark episode of our long history of overthrowing popular democratic reformers with brutal dictators such as those in Haiti, Chile, Guatemala, Iran, Nicaragua, Panama, and the Philippines.